VW Bus Food Cart

February 19, 2011 in Volkswagen Bus

Why did I pick a small VW bus to turn into a food cart? The number one reason is because it’s just so dam cool. How can you not like the look of a split window bus? What are you a commie? Wait, even commies probably like VW buses. If you think about it; the VW bus is something democats, republicans and commies can all agree on is cool. VW buses = world peace. The hippies had the answer all along. I’ve also always wanted a bus and this was my chance to own one, plus have the business pay for it. Plus it fits into one parking space and get decent gas milage. Is there really a better choice?

First thing on the list was to strip it down to nothing but bare metal. It had a nice wood roof and panels but it all had to go because inside needs to be stainless for the kitchen that is going in there. After I pulled everything off, I found out that squires were using the bus as their winter acorn storage area. It was nothing the shop-vac and an air hose couldn’t take care of. After everything was off, it was time to assess the status of the bus and see how much work was ahead. The plan was to cut the roof off the bus and have it hinge like a clam shell to reveal a kitchen. The inside roof was to become a black board when up and the kitchen would be an indoor/outdoor kitchen. I liked the open air shish kabob carts in NY city but I didn’t want to trailer something. Its basically going to be like a kiosk kitchen. I’ll have to try and fit a 24″ char broil grill, 2 burners, a holding table, hand sink, and room for a couple of coolers. I also need to figure out how to install a record player into the bus. Big plans, little space….

VW Bus Food Cart

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    1. Jenny says:

      Dude! I was looking for a VW bus and wanting to convert it into a kitchen. I would love to do a VW bus food business. I didn’t find much of anything or ideas on converting a VW van into a food joint until I saw your work in progress to make one. This is such an awesome idea. I can’t wait to see you get it finished and how it turns out. I also can’t wait to one day have my own VW food cart business. Im glad there are more people with the same ideas as me on something like this. My only problem is coming up with a good title for the bus. Good work, and good luck.

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VW Bus Food Cart

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