The VW Food Bus Story: Bondo, Sanding & Priming

April 16, 2011 in Volkswagen Bus

After welding on the new panels, we were on to getting the bus body straight.  We pounded, stretched, and shrunk the metal  as straight as we could, but ultimately we still had a lot of bondo to do. Atom and I spent the end of summer putting on bondo and sanding it off. Not a fun thing to do on hot days. The days were well rewarded with “Beer O’clock” in the afternoon and a “Sun Downer” of whisky to close the day off.

We were hoping to get it done for last fall but things got a little more complicated. My son, Khanh, came 6 weeks early and time spent on the bus dropped to zero for about month. Once Jess and I were on some what of a rhythm, things were back on for the bus one day a week. I realized there was no way it was going to get done in 2010. Our plan was to get the bus at least painted by winter.

We finish the bondo and sanding and setup my garage as a painting booth. The plan was etcher, epoxy primer, high build primer, block sanding, sealer, paint and clear. I spent may days running back and forth to Welle Auto Supply in Columbia Heights. The guys there really know what their doing and are a great help.  Primer went on easy but the block sanding was not fun at all. Finding all the highs and lows took a lot of time and many beers. We finally finished block sanding in December but it got too cold in the garage to paint. We would have to wait until we can hold a temp of 65-70 degrees to paint the bus. So things will have to wait until spring hits. The current status of the bus that its primed and ready for paint. We hoping to have it painted by the end of the April, temperature permitting. Then the kitchen install and inspection.

The VW Food Bus Story: Bondo, Sanding & Priming

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    1. Ron Nelson says:

      Awesome job guys! I myself am starting to restore a 71 dbl cab.

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The VW Food Bus Story: Bondo, Sanding & Priming

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